About the Organizers

Sounds & Sights on Thursday Nights, the Sounds & Sights Summer Festival and Hometown Holiday are brought to you by the Chelsea Area Festivals & Events, which is a not-for-profit organization in Chelsea, Michigan.  The festivals are funded through sponsorships and donations. Our events draw thousands of visitors each year, and would not be possible without the support of local businesses, non-profits, and many, many volunteers in the community.

If you love our events, we could use your help! Please sign up online or contact us to let us know you’re interested in volunteering.


  • Bridget Favre – Marketing & Public Relations Coordinatormedia@chelseafestivals.com

  • Ashley Rop – Events Coordinator | info@chelseafestivals.com
    Ashley Rop is in her third season as the Event Coordinator at Chelsea Area Festivals & Events. She is currently earning her Master of Arts in Arts Administration from the University of Michigan in Flint and has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance from Western Michigan University. She has worked at the Irving S. Gilmore Keyboard Festival, Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra, and Chelsea Center for the Arts and volunteers for The Arts Alliance in Ann Arbor, Artrain, and Michigan Brewers Guild. Ashley continues to fulfill her forever love of dance through teaching in Southeast Michigan. She currently resides in Ypsilanti.

Board of Directors

  • Craig Common – President
  • Kyle Bingham – Treasurer
  • Bob Pierce – Secretary

Committee Members

Sounds & Sights on Thursday Nights

  • Craig Common – President of Board
  • Bridget Favre – Marketing/Public Relations
  • Dave Marsh – Logistics
  • Gary Munce – Entertainment Advisor
  • Bob Pierce – Secretary of Board
  • Ashley Rop – Event Coordinator

Sounds & Sights Festival

  • Kyle Bingham – Treasurer of Board
  • Craig Common- President of Board
  • Bob Pierce – Secretary of Board
  • Ashley Rop – Event Coordinator
  • Bridget Favre  – Marketing/Public Relations
  • Leslie Surel – Website (Surelutions, chelseamich.com)
  • Patti Schwarz – Art Market (River Gallery)
  • Patty Roberts – Comedy Coordinator (Chelsea District Library)
  • Bob Shepherd – Car Show
  • HK Leonard – Pet Parade (Chelsea Farmer Supply)
  • Anne Mann – Logistics
  • Dave Marsh – Logistics (Knights of Columbus)
  • Gary Munce – Entertainment Advisor
  • Ed Toth (Chelsea Police Department)
  • Dave Brenner – Graphic Designer (Midnight Sun Studio)
  • Jessica Milliken – KidZone Coordinator (Chelsea Teddy Bear Company)
  • Riley Curran – SRSLY Cinema (SRSLY)
  • Denise Culigari – Chalk Art
  • Jon Van Hoek (Monitors Baseball)

Hometown Holiday

  • Patti Schick –  (Chelsea Area Chamber of Commerce)
  • Bob Pierce – Secretary of Board (Chelsea Area Chamber of Commerce)
  • Ashley Rop – Event Coordinator
  • Bridget Favre  – Marketing/Public Relations
  • Leslie Surel – Website (Surelutions, chelseamich.com)
  • David Dettling (Chelsea Police Department)
  • Barb Jaynes – Gingerbread Displays
  • Chelsea Children’s Co-op Preschool
  • Deanna Robbins – Live Nativity (Gateway Restoration)
  • Amanda Stark (Lake Trust Credit Union)
  • Bruce Szcodronski – Breakfast with Santa (Chelsea Comfort Inn and Village Conference Center)
  • Allison Vanderspool – Children’s Bazaar (First United Methodist Church)