2017 Chalk Art Event

Saturday, July 29, 2017  |  8am – 4pm

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Returning this year, Sounds & Sights Festival will hold its 5th community chalk art event. Participants of all abilities and ages are encouraged to help transform concrete beneath the iconic Chelsea Clocktower into vibrant colors and works of art.  The contest will take place on Saturday, July 29th from 8am to 4pm.*

All participants will be assigned a free space to showcase their work. Spectators will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite piece of work in 4 categories. A “People’s Choice” Award will be presented to two winners in each category. The categories and prizes are:


(1 artist of at least 18 years)

Adult prizes:  $500 first place & $250 second place


(must be at least 2 artists, of any age, representing a group, organization or family)

Group prizes: $250 first place & $125 second place


(1 artist between the ages 12-18 yrs)

Youth prizes: $100 first place & $50 second place


(1 artist between the ages of 2-11 yrs)

Children prizes: $20 first place & $10 second place

PLEASE NOTE: PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED by July 14th to be included in the People’s Choice Awards contest and be eligible for prizes. There will be a very limited number of open spaces available the day of the contest for Youth and Children.  Spaces forfeited by no-shows will be available for Adults and Groups at 10am the morning of the contest and will be eligible for prizes.

CLICK HERE for 2016 Chalk Walk Registration Information – 2017 to be released soon.

For more information, please contact the chalk art coordinator Denise Cugliari at chalkwalk@chelseafestivals.com or call 734-276-4206.

In addition to the Chalk Art Contest, we have FREE chalk drawing during the Sounds & Sights on Thursday Nights, 6:30-8:30pm, at the Chelsea Clocktower. (No prizes…this is just for fun!)

Here were the themes for 2016:

6/09   Chelsea Chalk Art – Magical & Mythical Creatures, beneath the Clocktower
6/15  Chelsea Chalk Art – A Bug’s Life, beneath the Clocktower
6/23  Chelsea Chalk Art – Dinosaurs!, beneath the Clocktower
6/30  Chelsea Chalk Art – My Country Tis of Thee, beneath the Clocktower
7/07  Chelsea Chalk Art – Birds of a Feather, beneath the Clocktower
7/14  Chelsea Chalk Art – Space Invaders, beneath the Clocktower
7/21  Chelsea Chalk Art -Ocean Life, beneath the Clocktower
8/04  Chelsea Chalk Art – Trains, Planes & Automobiles, beneath the Clocktower
8/11 Chelsea Chalk Art –  Ode to the Olympics, beneath the Clocktower

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