July 28, 2016

Thursday, July 28 is billed as ‘Chelsea Spotlight’ and features three bands with Chelsea connections.  Opening at 7pm is Cold Tone Harvest.  Veterans to the Sounds and Sights on Thursday Nights concert series, Cold Tone Harvest mixes elements of indie folk and Americana. At 7:40 pm The Moxie Strings take the stage performing an electrifying combination of feel-good melodies and rock-influenced rhythms.  Ben Daniels Band headlines Thursday night performing Americana, blues, jazz and rock.  With five CDs under their belt, Ben Daniels Band has toured notable venues throughout Michigan, New York City, Washington D.C. and Nashville.

Cold Tone Harvest

The Ark(8_20_15)

Hailing from southeast Michigan, and bonded together by the members common interest of a musically historic and honest sound, Cold Tone Harvest formed in late 2008.  The band is comprised of a singer/songwriter Andrew Sigworth, bassist Ozzie Andrews, drummer/banjo player Brian Williams and guitarist Tony Pace.  Their union came to fruition much like the music itself did: formulated with patience and mixed with a rugged intent.  These individuals have come together to deliver songs that pull on the listener’s emotion while still maintaining their signature raw feel.  Their music has a very interesting way of making you ponder where you’ve been and where you’re going.

The Moxie Strings

moxie stringsDiana Ladio and Alison Lynn, often joined by percussionist, Fritz McGirr, all have the technical foundation to explore the limits of his/her instrument, building a reputation for musical excellence.  The Moxie Strings compose the majority of their pieces and arrange melodies from many traditions, resulting in a genre-blurring blend of ear-catching melodies and foot-stomping, rock-influenced rhythms. Alison performs on a newly-invented, electric cello, and Diana on a contemporary 5-string violin, both through a variety of audio effects pedals. Fritz performs on a mix of world percussionist instruments and drum kit. Their polished, high-energy show and unique sound have quickly made the band one of the country’s most promising instrumental acts.

Ben Daniels Band

bdb az cac'nWhen Ben Daniels decided he was going to be a musician, it was more than a career choice. A natural poet, this young songwriter went to school on Bob Dylan, Robert Johnson, and Jack White, among others. His lyrics speak directly to a younger generation that hears, sees, and thinks about the very things he’s writing. From their opening song to the finale of their set, the Ben Daniels Band cuts through with their originality, musicianship, and a sound that spans Americana, Blues, Jazz, and Rock.

Throughout years of touring, BDB has played notable venues in Michigan such as the The Ark, The Blind Pig, and the Magic Bag, and have toured to New York City, Washington D.C., and Nashville. As a solo artist, Ben has stepped on the stage in Austin, TX at the Cactus Cafe, as well as The Barns at Wolf Trap. The son of actor Jeff Daniels, he has quietly monitored what it takes to live life as an artist. Beyond a passed down talent, the Ben Daniels Band believes in hard work, perseverance, and creatively challenging themselves and their audience.

With Tommy Reifel on bass, George Merkel on guitar, Wesley Fritzemeier on drums and mandolin, and singer/songwriter Amanda Merte on vocals, BDB’s live show never fails to take over the venue. Their songs become anthems with arrangements that pull people inside their sound. With five CDs under their belts – Coming From The C, Checkin’ In To The Michigan Inn, Can’t You See, The Mountain Home EP, the dual album & movie release Old Gold and their most recent release, Roll – the Ben Daniels Band has grown to be a formidable group that sounds pleasantly familiar, yet unforgettably unique.