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Chelsea Area Festivals & Events (CAFE), a non-profit organization supporting music and visual arts.  After closely following the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on our community the CAFE committee came to the very difficult decision to cancel this year’s Sounds & Sights on Thursday Nights, (June 4 through August 13, 2020) and the Sounds & Sights Summer Festival (July 24-25, 2020).

The SculptureWalk Chelsea and Hometown Holiday events will continue as planned.

Safety is the most important criteria in our decision-making process, we don’t want to risk the safety and health of volunteers, vendors, participants, and guests in any situation that we don’t have answers for today.

Chelsea is a resilient close-knit community that will work through COVID-19 challenges. CAFE continues to remain steadfast in its mission to promote quality performing and visual arts throughout the year. Looking to the future we are starting to imagine what comes next and are looking forward to the opportunity to bring quality music and visual arts safely back to the streets of Chelsea. We are excited about moving forward with ScultpureWalk Chelsea and Hometown Holiday.

CAFE sincerely appreciates everyone’s contribution, passion, and support - all things that make Chelsea a very special place to live, visit and work. We want to thank our sponsors, performers, and guests for their support and encouragement. As everyone has been reminding us, great things happen when our community comes together at Sounds & Sights.

For additional information click here or email [email protected]

Celebrate Sounds & Sights - Summer 2021

RETURNING IN 2021 - Celebrate the summer in Chelsea, MI with our weekly music series Sounds & Sights on Thursday Nights. Stroll vibrant Chelsea, Michigan, shop in our unique stores, and enjoy local favorites and nationally recognized musicians on separate staged areas throughout our downtown.

The Sounds & Sights Festival takes place the third weekend in July, and features a diverse music line up showcasing hometown favorites on Thursday, country music on Friday and a dance party on Saturday. There is something for everyone!


performers during our 11 week season


event attendees


outdoor stages in Chelsea, Michigan