Featured Chalk Artists from 2018


In 2018, the Sounds & Sights Festival featured several renowned pavement artists from across the United States. We were pleased to have the opportunity to showcase these artists and their talents, with our thanks to our sponsorships and grants from:

Dave & Shelley Brenner

Shelley Brenner discovered street painting several years ago through a local chalk art competition in her hometown of Chelsea, Michigan.  Since that time she has participated in a variety of chalk events throughout the Midwest and has enjoyed sharing her love of chalk art as a featured artist.  A lifelong artist, Shelley began her higher education with a fine arts scholarship at Wayne State University in Detroit, MI.  Today she works as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist in Lansing, MI.

Born and raised in the Land of the Midnight Sun, Dave Brenner hails from Fairbanks, Alaska and currently resides with his chalk artist wife, Shelley Brenner, in Chelsea Michigan.  He holds a BFA with a concentration in painting and a BA in theater from the University of Alaska – Fairbanks.  He is now the Creative Director at the University of Michigan School of Natural Resources and Environment.  His fine art and photography has been featured at multiple venues throughout Alaska and the Midwest.  Dave discovered that his dual passions for painting and acting translated seamlessly into street painting.  He loves to bring images to life in large scale while engaging with interested passersby.

Chris Carlson

Chris Carlson is a professional 3-D chalk artist from Denver, Colorado. Chris discovered chalk art in 2011 and has been dedicated to the art form ever since. Chris has always been fascinated by optical illusions and trompe l'oeil paintings. He likes to incorporate these elements into his work, blurring the line between where the art ends and the street begins.

"The true colors of an object is in the interpretation of our own experiences in life. Traveling to different countries and being in different cultures change the colors I perceive.  Through art, I can capture a moment in time and transform and express it for everyone to enjoy permanently or in the case of street painting it can be washed away in the blink of an eye." —Ever Galvez

Ever Galvez

Ever Galvez is a fine artist with more than 15 years of experience, classically trained in painting, drawing, conceptual art, sculpture and traditional  animation. He is known most prominently for his award winning Chalk Street Painting talents. He began his journey enriched by the vibrant colors of Mexico and eventually the multicultural influences of Southern California. Now He  has traveled over the world and through his art, he shares an interpretation of colors  that goes beyond what the naked eye can see in all that surrounds him. A vision he shares with the public and those who appreciate the arts at all levels.  He combines this with his deep respect for the traditional arts and artists like Alphonse Mucha, Lorenzo Bernini, J.C. Leyendecker, William A. Bouguereau, Caravaggio, and Michelangelo among others. In doing so, he creates a form of realism  that he believes brings a subject's true colors and emotions to the surface for all to experience in a innovative and extraordinaire way.

At the heart of all his work, is a desire to help people through creativity. Street Painting, in particular, has allowed him to fulfill this desire. Ever travels year round nationally and internationally to paint at large festivals, Private Events and  often supporting philanthropic causes giving back to the community.  He also teaches workshops to the youths, in addition to working with clients on commercial projects. Ever’s commercial work includes large scale 3D paintings, traditional murals and portraits, concept designs and character maquettes for companies, studios and private commissions.

Erik Greenawalt

Erik's passion for chalk art began more than a decade ago in the driveway of his suburban Pittsburgh home, when his then-toddler-aged daughters, Jaycie and Jenna, first asked him to draw Mickey, Cinderella, Elmo and Eeyore. Those young art directors were very demanding and wanted more and more elaborate pieces. Erik soon became known as "The Chalking Dad" among his neighbors.

Today, Erik (who is also a licensed Certified Public Accountant and works in corporate finance) participates in street painting festivals around the country, where he joins other artists in creating large-scale, elaborate chalk drawings over several days. He especially enjoys drawing portraits of celebrities and sports heroes.

Naomi Haverland

Naomi Haverland has been painting for as long as she can remember and has been doing chalk art regularly for the last eight years. She specializes in humorous and hyper-realistic portraits. She has won many recognitions and awards for her chalk art, including 7 wards at the Denver Chalk Art Festival, in Colorado, the state she is from. Recently she moved from Denver to Seattle and is working to bring more chalk to the rainy city, even if that means bringing it indoors.

Zachary Herndon

Zachary Herndon has a passion for making new friends and co-founded the Georgia Chalk Artists' Guild with his wife Jessi Queen and 2014 to help promote street painting in Georgia. He has attended festivals across the USA ans in Europe. Zach and Jessi live in Atlanta and have two awesome dachshunds and a beautiful baby son.

Lori Hughes

Lori Hughes is an artist from Columbus, OH. She graduated in 2003 from Youngstown State University with a Bachelors in Art Education. Lori participated in her first chalking event in 2005. Since then she tries to participate in as many chalking events as she can. She spends her free time participating in chalk art festivals, and also creating custom painted shoes. She also runs a successful chalking event in her hometown since 2013. Lori's styles range from realistic to animated with bold use of color.

Gloria Ing

Gloria Ing is a professional chalk muralist.  She has been chalking for over 14 years at the Pasadena Chalk Festival and attends other festivals as her schedule permits. She started chalking back in 2002 while in high school and since then has made it a tradition to continue creating chalk murals that can be shared with the public. Gloria loves to inspire and spark creativity in adults and kids, as well as be inspired by other artist around her. She loves that chalk is a very forgiving medium and there are many techniques one can use to approach a mural.

Terralynn Lake

Terralynn Lake is from Marshall Michigan. She has been street painting now for over 10 years. She is considered a self taught artist, however many wonderful mentors throughout her life have influenced her work and skill.

She enjoys producing a variety of subject matter and enjoys the challenge of trying new ones. She feels it keeps her well rounded and helps to hone her skill level. Terralynn not only enjoys the travel that comes with street painting, but tremendous extended family it also develops. She is often heard saying, "no matter where I am street painting, it always feels like coming home."

Her husband Tim is her "chalk stalker" and travels with her as often as he is available. On occasion, he even joins the fun. They have four children and four grandchildren who are all also very talented in the arts.

Bridget Lyons

Bridget "BK" Lyons is a Florida Artist who focuses on colors and contrast in her paintings. That love of color has become a staple in her choices for street painting, although, in the recent past, she has pushed her range and begun to explore black and white images. Over the years, she has moved on from flat, bright images to develop her passion for colors and just how far she can push the limits. Her style continues to evolve in street painting, by her mixed use of carefully selected reproductions and inspired original pieces. Aside from street painting, BK also enjoys photography and painting in acrylics.

Lester Mendoza

Lester Mendoza was born in Honduras in February 1973. He graduated Honduras’ Fine Art School in 1990. He’ is experienced in all types of paint and has a wealth of knowledge in art and craft. Lester does professional faux finishes as well as murals.

He studied with the Florida Painters Apprenticeship Program in West Palm Beach, Fl. for three years to become a professional painter muralist and works for designer and privates clients. He has participated in many art exhibitions and has won numerous awards in Honduras and the US.

Lester is passionate about art and design and is involved in many art festivals.

Jessi Queen

Jessi Queen is a chalk artist and website designer living in Atlanta, GA. She received her BFA from Savannah College of Art and Design in Atlanta.

She started chalking at the SCAD Sidewalk Arts Festival in 2007, receiving Honorable Mention, while she was a just a high schooler. Growing up in Savannah, she fell in love with the chalk medium and practiced large drawings at school and in her driveway. She was one of only fifty students in all of GA to be selected for the Governor’s Honors Program, where she majored in visual arts at Valdosta State.

While in college, her chalk art was featured in the SCAD Connector. In 2011, she began chalking for retail spaces. She also led workshops for various colleges including the Art Institute of Atlanta, SCAD art camps, art and music festivals and events for nonprofit organizations. She introduced Zach to the medium and they have been chalking together annually at the Bragg Jam Music and Arts Festival since 2012. In 2013, she was asked to be a featured artist at the Marietta Chalk Festival.

In 2014, she also started the Georgia Chalk Artists Guild. The organization has since grown to over 20 members and partners with Georgia festivals to bring chalk art to various corners of the state. In 2016 her and Zach traveled to Germany and italy for international chalk festivals. She has since won several awards for her work and displayed chalk drawings in local art shows.

Jessi and Zach grew their family this year and are excited to introduce their son to the chalking world. She continues to do freelance chalk work and has many appearances scheduled for chalk festivals in 2018!

“It is in the street, that I feel the best. The vast canvas that the street offers, the instant exposure, the affordability, the unfiltered public outlet – all this fits me like a glove. In the street, all humans are seemingly equal; there are no pretenses or societal snobbery. In the street, it’s just you, the structure and the passersby.” –Anat Ronen

Anat Ronen

Anat is a self-taught artist who pushes herself to find depth in her commissioned work. With her street art, she reflects her notice of current affairs, injustices all over the globe, social matters and love for animals. Her challenges have helped mold her into an independent woman whose art causes the audience to pause in intelligent reflection and appreciation of beauty.

As she works in a public setting, she is able to assume a performative role, engaging with her audience and establishing a real connection with the surrounding community. Viewers can see Anat’s vision come to life one stroke at a time.

Anat, her husband Ori and son Orr came to the US in 2006 as a “hail Mary” move “before it gets too late” as she explains. Aged 35, she and her husband felt they wanted to try something else, something far away, create a new life for themselves. Born and raised in the state of Israel, they wanted a life that is not defined by their nation’s problems. Anat started as an administrative assistant (that was what she did in Israel until then), and after two years, applied for a different visa. Her professional art career started in late 2008 when the desire to stay in the US and make a living left her with no other choice. She had no idea where that desire would take her, and looking back, the journey was and is unbelievable even to her. Anat didn’t know she had it in her, and now every project takes her to new territories, testing her abilities and challenges her with new perspectives.

As an untrained artist she has an organic relationship towards art-making that corresponds to a vital need, a matter of personal balance and identity. She has executed commissions all over the United States, Europe and Israel. Anat works with a variety of materials from acrylics, latex, tempera, chalk, pen, marker, colour pencils, digital and more. Typically working on at least 20 projects at one time, Anat prides herself on her ability to work on a large scale and at a rapid pace. Her work ranges in size from a few feet wide to over 30 feet tall and covering a variety of subject matter. Versatility is her strong suit, commenting, “Everything inspires me.”

Anat has created hundreds of pieces in the past nine years. Her work is found throughout the greater Houston, Texas area, including public spaces like interstate highways, bridges, buildings, churches, and schools. Additionally, her work is displayed in museums and select shows. Anat has work displayed nationally in California, Utah, Virginia, Florida, Missouri, Minnesota, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Rhode Island and of course, Texas, and internationally in Israel, China, Colombia, The Netherlands, the United Kingdom and Germany.

In addition to her mural work, Anat participates in international street painting and street art festivals nationwide and around the world.

Tonya Youngberg

As an artist, Tonya Youngberg is one who loves to explore all types of art, Tonya has grown into a artist whose work encompasses color, texture, form, and content. This approach has led to the many areas in which Tonya work has included street painting, murals, fine art, installation art, temporary and permanent art.

Within each of these areas, each project has been created with its own character. Tonya's work of art is produced with a fresh set of ideas, and ways in which to in-gage the Imagination. Her goal is to encourage at least one person to create a piece of art in any of medium.

She  has been featured at numerous street painting festivals has worked on projects such as Exhibition sized pieces as well as international events. Her work has won numerous awards, Tonya works in all mediums of art including paint, digital concepts and pencil. Tonya has been creating art as a street painter for over 10 years and has competed in numerous events as well as being  a  member of the International Street Painting Society.

Tonya is a mother of two and lives in West Bountiful Utah.