Free parking is available on Main Street and several side streets throughout downtown Chelsea, as well as in the following public lots:

  • Parking lot behind Cleary's Pub (entrance located on E. Middle and Park St.)
  • Parking lot next to Heydlauff's (entrance located on Main St.)
  • Library parking lot (entrance on Park St., next to First United Methodist Church)
  • Clock Tower Complex parking lot (entrance located by the Chelsea Teddy Bear Co.)
  • Parking lot behind The Common Grill (entrances on South St. and W. Middle St.) - NOTE: Lot closed during Sounds & Sight Festival
  • Parking lot on West Middle (entrance located near Chelsea Fire Station)

See our Stage Map, which shows where performances take place as well as public parking lots.

Handicap Parking

Several handicap parking spaces are be available in the Library Parking Lot, the lot behind The C0mmon Grill, and street parking on South St. and W. Middle St.

Areas closed to parking during Sounds & Sights Festival

Note that during Chelsea's Summer Festival, there is no parking in the following areas: