THANK YOU for a Successful 2018 Sounds & Sights Season!

Sounds & Sights Festival and Sounds & Sights on Thursday Nights 2018 Season 

A huge Thank You to everyone who participated and made this year’s season a huge success. Each year we strive to make it better. The combination of funds generated from sponsor donations and the Sounds & Sights Festival Social Tent fund 50% of the FREE 11 weeks of Sounds & Sights on Thursday Nights.  Throughout the summer season we have 100+performers, including 30 newcomers! 

A few highlights from the Festival this summer:  

  • Food Vendors – 7 participants – 6 from Chelsea 
  • Kid Zone – 15 amazing fun things to do, the space was teeming with families!  
  • Car Show – 20+ years, 314 participants this year from all over southeast Michigan
  • Chalk Art – 13 Professional Chalk Artists hailing from Michigan, Utah, Colorado, Georgia, Ohio, California, Florida, Texas, Washington and Pennsylvania, graced our streets with their amazing Street Art! Plus 62 Chalk Art Contest participants including kids, youth and adults
  • Pet Parade – 50 participants that included dogs, a cool cat, parrot and a hedgehog 
  • Social Tent Attendees – Total 2,683 – Chelsea attendance was strong particularly on Thursday night representing 60% of total attendees. However, over the 3 evenings we had participants from 64 Michigan cities, including solid representation from Jackson, Grass Lake, Dexter and Ann Arbor. Saturday brought the most diverse crowd from neighboring communities and from metropolitan Detroit cities. We had out of state visitors from 13 states including California, Indianapolis, Florida, Tennessee 
  • Sponsors – Robust participation again this year! The majority are returning sponsors but we had a significant number of new sponsors and we thank all of you!! 
  • Merchants – participation was high with several on-street and in store events 
  • Volunteers – 150 Strong – where would we be without you!  We had a great team that started with a kick-off meeting on Wednesday evening and ended Sunday morning with an amazing clean-up crew

A special thank you to Chelsea’s Police force for being on-site and to the volunteers who were ever vigilant. Safety is uppermost in our minds and we will always be looking out for everyone.  

We know Chelsea is a special place, our welcoming culture and appreciation for the performing and visual arts attracts people to visit and live here! CAFE is exploring ways to incorporate an Art Market into next year’s Festival; to expand on the incredible Chalk Art Program that brought a new level of visual arts to the community; and revitalizing the Sculpture Walk.  We will strive to maintain the quality and diversity of performances on Thursday Nights. These events provide entertainment for all ages and an opportunity for interaction and public dialogue. You can view photos and events on our web site 

Chelsea Area Festivals & Events 

We look forward to seeing you during the Hometown Holiday celebration!

Chelsea Area Festivals & Events is a not-for-profit organization that enriches Chelsea, and the surrounding communities, by promoting the presentation of and participation in quality performing and visual arts throughout the year.